Zagato BMW Z4 Coupe

Zagato BMW Z4 Coupe

The famous Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este vintage car show was held in Italy. Not only cars from the last century were on show, but also premieres of brand-new models. One of them was the BMW Z4 Zagato Coupe.


This car was created by the Italian design studio Zagato in close collaboration with the Bavarian manufacturer. The main desire was to build a car that was as aerodynamic as possible and adapted to high speeds.

The exterior of the Z4 Zagato Coupe retains the proportions of the original. The long bonnet contrasts with the two-seater cab and the short rear of the car. To reduce weight, the body is made entirely of aluminium. The roof is characterized by a lightweight construction. The sporty character of the car is also reflected in such elements as the diffuser under the rear bumper and 19-inch wheels.

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The interior has undergone minimal changes. The Z4 Zagato Coupe comes complete with black leather upholstery, which is enhanced by numerous red accents.

Unfortunately, the car’s technical details are kept secret. BMW limits itself to the terse information that the Z4 Zagato Coupe is powered by a ‘high-performance engine’ under the bonnet.

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Interestingly, the Bavarian manufacturer has not named the vehicle as a prototype. This could mean that BMW is considering serial production of the Z4 Zagato Coupe.