Toyota Corolla GR Sport 2022

Toyota Corolla GR Sport 2022

The premiere of Toyota’s new hatchback is long overdue. It is based on the 12th generation of the most popular car in automotive history.

The GR Corolla series gets a more powerful, 304 hp (224 kW) version of the 1.6-litre inline three-cylinder turbocharged engine known from the GR Yaris. The car has also been fitted with GR Yaris GR-FOUR all-wheel drive adapted to the specifications of the new model.

The GR Corolla was based on the design of the Corolla Hatchback (in Japan, the Corolla Sport). The front track is 60 mm wider and the rear track is 85 mm wider than the standard Corolla Hatchback, providing greater cornering stability. The GR Corolla retains five seats and a five-door body.

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The triple tailpipe enhances the performance of the 1.6 turbo engine, while emphasizing the powerful, sporty look of the rear of the car. The GR Corolla features air intakes in the front bumper, wings and bonnet to improve the car’s cooling performance and aerodynamics on all types of roads, including racetracks, dirt and slippery roads as well as snow-covered trails.


Toyota Corolla GR Sport 2022 price:

The management of the Japanese brand has not yet announced the final price of the car.

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Buy Toyota Corolla GR Sport 2022:

The GR Corolla will go on sale in Japan in the second half of 2022. The car will not be available in Europe.


Toyota Corolla GR Sport 2023:


Toyota Corolla GR Sport 2022