Hypercar W Motors Lykan Hypersport: specs, price, horsepower, top speed and acceleration 0 – 100

Hypercar W Motors Lykan Hypersport: specifiche, prezzo, cavalli, velocità massima e accelerazione 0 - 100

The world’s first supercar, hailing from the United Arab Emirates, was unveiled at the 2013 International Motor Show in Qatar.

It took six years to refine the model. The best European specialists were involved in its development. The design was done by the Italian firm Studio Torino. The supercar has received fully LED pointed headlights with inlaid faceted diamonds. It is also noteworthy for its unusual counter-opening doors.

In addition to diamond headlamps, customers can also order the interior in solid gold, silver, titanium or carbon fibre. And then there’s the gold thread embroidery. The bucket-shaped sports seats are upholstered in exclusive leather materials. The multimedia features a projection screen and a virtual instrument cluster.


2013 W Motors Lykan Hypersport - характеристики, фото, цена.


Lykan Hypersport diamond headlights:

The Lykan Hypersport is the first car to feature diamonds in its headlamps. They are made of titanium LED blades set with 420 diamonds weighing 15 carats.



Lykan Hypersport specs:

  • top speed – 390 km/h
  • acceleration to 100 km/h – 2.8 s
  • horsepower – 750 hp
  • power density – 625 hp/t
  • engine volume – 3746 cm³
  • vehicle weight 1200 kg
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Lykan Hypersport engine:

The engine was developed by the German company RUF. Their main speciality is the modification of Porsche cars. The new model has a six-cylinder turbocharged petrol engine with a turbocharging system with a capacity of 3,746 cc. It has two turbochargers, direct fuel injection and advanced block heads. The engineers managed to squeeze out 770 horsepower at 7100 rpm. All this power is taken over by a seven-speed sequential variable gearbox and is transferred to the wheels of the rear axle via a self-locking limited slip differential.


Lykan Hypersport 0 – 100:

The hypercar shoots to the first hundred in just 2.8 seconds and reaches the second in ten seconds.


Lykan Hypersport top speed:

The Lykan Hypersport is capable of up to 385 kilometres per hour.


Lykan Hypersport interior:



Lykan Hypersport price (Buy Lykan Hypersport):

The current value of the vehicle is $3,500,000


How many Lykan Hypersport are there in the world:

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A total of seven vehicles are planned for production.


Lykan Hypersport police car:

Abu Dhabi Police have updated their cool fleet. Following the Bugatti, Ferrari and Lamborghini, the flashing lights and police colours have been added to the wacky Lykan HyperSport. Representatives of law-enforcement agencies have purchased one of the seven cars planned for production.


Lykan Hypersport ambulance:

A rather rare coupe has been obtained by Dubai Corporation for Ambulance Services for use as an ambulance. The car is painted in a red and white livery and the body features a host of logos, including the slogan ‘Dubai is the world’s best city to live in’.

Khalifa bin Darrai (CEO of Dubai Corporation for Ambulance Services) said the hypercar will be used for medical emergencies. And it is also assumed that medics have received the Lykan from the Abu Dhabi Police and adapted it.


Lykan Hypersport Fast & Furious 7:


Lykan Hypersport Forza Horizon 5:

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