Hypercar Zenvo ST1 GT: specs, price, horsepower, top speed and acceleration 0 – 100

Hypercar Zenvo ST1 GT: specs, price, horsepower, top speed and acceleration 0 – 100

Unlike most established manufacturers, Zenvo is a brand with little history. The company was founded in 2004 by Troels Vollertsen and the company name – Zenvo Automotives – was created from his surname. The ST1 is the first car made in Denmark. The project was given the green light in 2006 and a prototype was produced in December 2008. It was impossible to walk past it. The car was full of aggression, it gave the impression that it was ready to attack at any moment. And it was supposed to attack with something.


Zenvo ST1 specs:

  • top speed – 375 km/h
  • acceleration up to 100 km/h – 3 s
  • horsepower – 1104 hp
  • specific power – 654 hp/t
  • engine volume – 7011 cm³
  • vehicle weight 1688 kg

Zenvo ST1 engine:

With the 7-litre V8 engine working in conjunction with a turbocharger and compressor, Zenvo’s heart produced an irrational 1104bhp at 6900rpm. Torque ended with a dizzying climb at 4,500 rpm, when it peaked at 1,430 Nm. All this goodness went to the rear axle via a six-speed manual gearbox. Theoretically, such a set-up provided performance that put the ST1 on a par with the Bugatti Veyron: 0-100 km/h in 3.0 seconds, 0-200 km/h in 8.9 seconds, the top speed was electronically limited at 375 km/h. All this at a weight of 1,376 kg is achieved thanks to a German-made carbon fibre body. Quite ambitious for a small company from a country where everyone rides bikes.

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To ensure customers don’t die before their first oil change, Zenvo has implemented three driving modes in the ST1: Normal, Sport and Racing. In the first, power was reduced to 650bhp and the driver could benefit from the caring support of traction control. In the intermediate Sport mode, the engine develops 850 bhp and traction control intervention has been kept to an essential minimum. Race mode was created only as a curiosity – 1104bhp on the rear axle with no traction control is where only a dozen daredevils would feel comfortable.


Zenvo ST1 0 – 100:

The car does the first hundred in a quick three seconds.


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Zenvo ST1 Top Gear:

The first visit to the show ended with problems with the braking system and clutch. On its second attempt, the orange car caught fire due to a cooling system failure. The situation was repeated in 2015 at the historic Copenhagen Grand Prix, when the Zenvo ST1 lit up in front of the spectators like an Olympic torch.


Zenvo ST1 top speed:

If the Danish engineers are to be believed, the hypercar’s top speed is 375 km/h.


Zenvo ST1 interior:

Zenvo ST1 Flanker:

Most connoisseurs of rare and expensive cars may recognize the familiar Zenvo features in the Russian development, the Flanker. But it’s not all that clear-cut – the car is completely unique. Engineers from the Russian Federation wanted to offer the Danish firm to jointly develop a supercar, but they refused.  They had to do everything literally from scratch: their own engine and gearbox, unique aluminium suspension etc. The auto project was designed by Sergey Kabargin (ddkaba).


Zenvo ST1 price (Buy Zenvo ST1):

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The current value of the vehicle is $730,000