Hypercar Pininfarina Battista Anniversario (Automobili Pininfarina Battista): specs, price, horsepower, top speed and acceleration 0 – 100

Hypercar Pininfarina Battista Anniversario (Automobili Pininfarina Battista) : spécifications, prix, chevaux, vitesse maximale et accélération 0 - 100

The Battista was created in collaboration with the Croatian Rimac. Although this hypercar was first unveiled a year ago, it is currently in its final stages at the Nardo circuit.


The Battista, hence the name of this remarkable car, is impressive in every respect. The Italians have taken the matter very seriously, using the expertise of the best engineers. The electric supercar was built by specialists who have previously created such works as the Bugatti Veyron and Chiron, Lamborghini Urus, McLaren P1, Porsche Mission E, Pagani Zonda and Mercedes AMG Project One.

Thanks to their efforts, the most powerful production car in Italian automotive history has been created. As if that weren’t enough, it isn’t powered by a powerful V12, but by a set of electric motors generating a total of 1,900 hp. What’s more, Pininfarina has also prepared different driving modes that will give you a unique experience. They are named Calma, Pura, Energica, Furiosa and Carattere.


It is important to note that the Battista is not only a breathtakingly fast car, but also exceptionally beautiful. After all, it was created by the most famous design studio in the world. Every element is subordinated to the best aerodynamics, and although you can see many references to Ferrari models, the car stands out from other supercars.

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Pininfarina Battista specs:

  • top speed – 350 km/h
  • acceleration to 100 km/h – 1.9 s
  • horsepower – 1,900 hp
  • power density – 950 hp/t
  • vehicle weight 2000 kg


Pininfarina Battista engine:

The Battista is powered by four electric motors, with a combined output of up to 1,900 horsepower. If that’s not enough to impress you, it’s worth mentioning the maximum torque of 2,300 Nm.


Pininfarina Battista Anniversario:

Pininfarina is celebrating its 90th anniversary this year. It’s a good opportunity to present something really special. How about a 1,900-horsepower hypercar? The Italians confirm that the car will be even cooler than the standard Battista.

However, we should note that the Battista accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in less than 2 seconds and reaches 300 km/h in just 12 seconds. The Anniversario version is sure to be just as good, and even more beautiful and unique at that.

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There’s not much information in the official press release. We do know, however, that we should expect a special, anniversary body colour and a sharper aerodynamic package that will improve handling when driving fast.



Pininfarina Battista range:

A full charge of 120 kWh of battery capacity enables a journey of 450 km.


Pininfarina Battista 0 – 100 (Pininfarina Battista 0 – 60):

A hundred appears on the speedometer in less than 2 seconds and acceleration from 0-300 km/h takes just 12 seconds


Pininfarina Battista top speed:

The top speed is 350 km/h.


Pininfarina Battista interior:



Pininfarina Battista price (Buy Pininfarina Battista):

It is known that only 150 pieces will be created, and each one will be worth a fortune – $2,300,000.