BMW iX: specs, price, horsepower, top speed and acceleration 0 – 100

BMW iX: specs, price, horsepower, top speed and acceleration 0 – 100

The BMW iX is the first model on the new pure-electric platform with the fifth-generation eDrive electric system.


In terms of dimensions, it is similar to the traditional BMW X5: length – 4953 mm, width – 1967 mm, height – 1695 mm. The wheelbase is 3,000 mm. The body is made using aluminum and carbon fiber, the choice of wheels has a diameter from 20 to 22 inches. The aerodynamic drag coefficient Cd is only 0.25. Steel and CFRTP thermoplastic are also used in the construction.


BMW iX Flow:

E Ink, a company specializing in electrophoretic displays, unveiled the BMW iX Flow with E Ink at CES 2022, a concept car covered in E Ink screens and demonstrating the ability to change the look. Body colour change on iX Flow: white, any shade of grey or with a gradient transition.


BMW iX vs Tesla Model Y:


BMW iX specs:

  • top speed – 250 km/h
  • acceleration to 100 km/h – 3,8 s
  • horsepower – 619 hp
  • power density – 240 hp/t
  • BMW iX weight – 2584 kg
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BMW iX engine:

The crossover will be available in two versions. Both have all-wheel drive with two electric motors (one on each axle). The entry-level version of the BMW iX xDrive40 has 326 hp and 630 Nm of torque. The rear engine can deliver 340 bhp and 400 Nm at its peak! And characteristics of the front – 272 hp and 352 Nm. And the gear ratio of a single-speed reducer on the rear axle is noticeably higher than on the front: 11.1:1 vs. 8.77:1. That is, the motors are most effective in various ranges of speeds, and in addition, electronics carefully limits total efficiency within the limits of the passport indicators. The second modification of the BMW iX xDrive50 has exactly the same electric motors and gearboxes, but the “allowed” total efficiency is raised to 523 hp and 765 Nm. And later on, the hottest BMW iX M60 with more than 600 bhp will be available.

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BMW iX battery and range:

The BMW iX features next-generation traction batteries with a specific energy capacity 40% higher than that of the BMW i3. The basic version of the xDive40 has a battery capacity of 71 kWh, which should be sufficient for 425 kilometres on the WLTP cycle. The xDive50 variant relies on a 105.2 kWh battery, which is rated at 630 kilometres on a single charge.


Charging capacity from a three-phase AC socket is 11 kW, and from a DC terminal is 150 kW in the basic version and 200 kW in the ‘fifties’. It should take 30 minutes to charge to 80%.


BMW iX 0 – 100 (BMW iX 0 – 60):

Acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h takes 3.8 seconds.


BMW iX top speed:

The top speed reaches 250 kilometres per hour.


BMW iX interior:



BMW iX price (BMW iX for sale):

The car is available from $110000.