BMW X7: specs, price, horsepower, top speed and acceleration 0 – 100

BMW X7: specs, price, horsepower, top speed and acceleration 0 – 100

The BMW X7 is a full-size luxury crossover from German company BMW, which has been put into production at BMW’s plant in Spartanberg, USA.


The new BMW X 7 2023 is based on the CLAR modular platform, while technically the car is largely unified with the younger X5. A double wishbone front suspension and multiple wishbone rear suspension are installed here, thus the basic model is already air suspension with adaptive shock absorbers.

The car has two levels of optics. The lower row is the high and low beam (LED matrix with adaptive function). The tail lights are now narrower in the rear optics, with a pattern on the sides of the lights.
The radiator grille is now slightly wider, with double louvres, backlighting like in the X6, and the ability to open and close the louvers is retained.
The redesigned X7 is 5162 mm long and 1,819 mm high.

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BMW X7 specs:

  • top speed – 250 km/h
  • acceleration to 100 km/h – 4.7 s
  • horsepower – 530 hp
  • power density – 212 hp/t
  • engine volume – 4395 cm³
  • vehicle weight – 2500 kg


BMW X7 engine:

The M50i variant is being replaced by the new M60i. In this case, it is the 4.4-litre twin-turbo V8 engine known as the S63. It also has 48-volt mild hybrid support and produces 523bhp.


All engines in the BMW X7 are paired with an eight-band automatic and an all-wheel drive system with front wheel multi-disc clutch.


BMW X7 0 – 100 (BMW X7 0 – 60):

Acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h takes 4.7 seconds.

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BMW X7 top speed:

The top speed reaches 250 kilometres per hour.


BMW X7 interior:

The interior of the BMW X7 has three rows of seats by default. There can be six or seven seats, depending on the configuration of the middle row. You can choose between a three-seater sofa or a pair of split seats, all of which are electrically adjustable.


BMW X7 price (BMW X7 for sale):

The car is available from $150000.